Wash & Blow

This signature service will allow you to receive a luxury wash and conditioner to seal the hair bonds before a beautiful blow dry. This blow drying service can be styled as straight, wavy or with light curls.



Cater and design for each customer lifestyle  features Custom Techniques.
Personally designed for each customers’ lifestyle, desires and needs. The extensions service features custom techniques that make the hairstyle perfect just for you.

Touch Up / Relaxer

A relaxer is applied to the roots or new growth of the hair, depending on the clients’ hair state, and remains in place for a modulated amount of time. While the relaxer is on the hair during that time interval, it will alter the texture of the hair by manipulating the protein structure on a controlled level. Due to everyone having their own completely different hair texture, there are different relaxers for different hair types followed by the right treatments to maintain the hair’s condition after the processing.



A luxury custom coloring service gives subtle results than traditional highlights that are framed and tailored specifically for you. Using a freehand technique, it creates a softer and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends of the hair.


Brazilian Blow Out

This liquid keratin formulated hair treatment will bond to your hair to create a protective layer around each strand, effectively diminishing frizz, sealing the cuticle and protects your hair from external damage. This smoothing treatment will also allow you to keep the curls you want, providing frizz free, healthier and more manageable hair.


Angela Newsome
I have been going to this salon for more than 9 years and I have the best experience every time I go. My hairstyles are always original and I never get the same hairstyle twice. I would recommend ZoneNee Beauty to anyone looking for the best customer service from a salon and the best hairstyles in the game